Thinking about becoming a temp?

At Albion Staffing, our objective is to attract and retain great Associates. In order to do so, we offer a comprehensive package of benefits:

  • Never a Fee

    When you work with Albion Staffing, you are never responsible for any service charges or fees. Albion’s Clients pay all of our service fees.

  • Pay

    All Temp and Temp-to-Hire Associates are paid weekly, one week in arrears. Hours worked through Sunday night are eligible for payment. To save our employees on expensive check cashing fees and to allow immediate access to funds without waiting for checks to clear, Albion Staffing offers two payment options:

    Direct Deposit: Your paycheck will be automatically deposited into the bank account of your choice at no charge to you.

    Debit Card: You will receive a Direct Debit Card that can be used like any other ATM Card to withdraw cash at any bank or use it to purchase goods wherever direct debit cards are accepted.

    In either case, your pay stub will be mailed to you – saving you the inconvenience of coming to an Albion Staffing office to pick up your check.

  • Employee Referral Bonuses
    Referrals are Albion Staffing’s best source of new talent. In order to be eligible the following must apply, all referrals must be new employees and all referrals must work a minimum of 40 hours. Referral amount is $25.00 and will be paid along with your regular wages.

  • Temp of the Month
    Each month an Albion Staffing Associate is recognized as “Temp of the Month”. Our Clients participate in this program by nominating Associates who have shown outstanding work performance. The recognized Associate is awarded a Gift Certificate and an Award Certificate.

  • Vacation Benefits

    You can qualify for 40 hours of vacation pay after working 1,800 unbroken hours in an annual period (excluding overtime). Time is recorded from the date you actually started working until the anniversary of that date. Accrued vacation time must be used during the year that it was earned. Albion Staffing and our customer must both approve all vacation requests. Any break of service of 30 calendar days disqualifies vacation time previously accrued.

  • Client Referral Bonuses

    If you refer a Client to Albion and they use 40 hours of billable services, Albion will pay you a $100.00 bonus.