Job Description

Responsible for the overall loan operations management and oversight of the mortgage, consumer and commercial loan support staff to include document preparation, processing, servicing, accounting and reporting functions, and client service.  This position leads, trains and supervises the loan operations staff and designs and administers systems and procedures to ensure accurate and timely processing.  The manager communicates with bank management, department managers, relationship managers and support staff to promote efficient and correct workflow.

Job responsibilities:

  • Manages Loan Operations Personnel; assigns and monitors workflows for all stages of document preparation, closing, file documentation and collateral management.
  • Manages and works with third-party vendors and system providers to utilize applications to fullest capacity, streamlining processes and procedures, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Assist with system parameters and design to meet the needs of multiple departments.
  • Defines goals and objectives of a project with Division/Department Heads. Details tasks to be accomplished, needed resources including technical and staff support, and establishes and maintains timetable for completion.  Tests for effectiveness.  Rolls out implementation to achieve maximum organization and efficiency, and manage risk. 
  • Assists with response to loan reviews and supervises maintenance of the tracking required by the loan reviews.
  • Assists in preparation of responses for examiners, auditors, or internal audit and make corrections as necessary.
  • Serves as a contact person for relationship manager for daily updates and procedural changes.
  • Stays current on compliance regulations by attending seminars and reading available information.

Job Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Two (5) to four (7) years of related experience
  • Fluency in the Spanish language is essential. (Written and oral)
  • Ability to read, analyze financial statements, and interpret government regulations, trade journals, and legal documents.
  • Ability to respond to complex inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or member of the business community.