Job Description

The Financial Operations Coordinator will be responsible for processing all information received for either billing or payment purposes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Determine differences between types of supplier invoices and billing documents. 
  • Analyze critical information on documents and process accordingly using correct method in system. 
  • Data entry of accounts payable invoices from suppliers and any source documents received for billing purposes. 
  • Validate SO/BSA/Trip setup information in system to determine if invoice is valid. 
  • Identification and escalation of issues regarding billing and payment discrepancies to Senior Financial Operations Coordinator or Manager of Financial Operations. 
  • Adjust supplier invoice discrepancies selecting appropriate financial treatment. 
  • Follow document management procedures as outlined by the Imaging Department. 
  • Responsible for expediting information from suppliers for timely billing. 
  • Responsible for conducting monthly vendor reconciliation to ensure all invoices have been processed and follow-up on vendor disputes. 

Job Requirements:*
Education: High School graduation or equivalent (GED or other certificate)
Experience: Minimum two years experience in Accounting, Billing or Receivables.